AMCO Engineering (HK) Company was set up on 1992 and main business is Importing European Machineries and Manufacturing Plants for Plastic , Construction materials & Metal Field.



Start to Make Technical Cooperation & development for Composite piping, PVC drainage pipes & other new Fittings system……start to supply full know how of Production for Local and Export customers. Products include Aluminum Composite pipes, Stainless Steel – PE composite pipes, PVC pipes, PE- Stainless Steel Composite Drainage pipes……


Start up of Amco New Material Co. Ltd. in Guangxi province. We start to develop our own Press-fittings production technology. It is completely new developed and can provide high precision Press-fittings for both V- & M Profile for EN, US & JIS system.


Set up Amcopress Company Ltd. in Hong Kong and Shaoxing City (China) to Start the Production for PRESS FITTINGS series.

It was the first Joint Venture in Shaoxing. The main products for was JIS series Press-fittings with 304 Stainless Steel. At the mean time, we start also the production for the high quality of Stainless steel pipes for forming applications.


 Set up showrooms and Sales office in China, Shanghai, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjian & Guangzhou.

Launch the brand of ARGOTUBO 304 JIS Standard Press-fittings in China market.



Set up new production Plant for producing CARBON STEEL (EN-10305) series Press-fittings for Europe OEM-  market. The first profile launched is so called TAPER V-profile. It is the improved version of V-profile which has been already developed for years in Germany.


Further develop the V-profile 316L Stainless Steel Press-fittings for Europe OEM customers plus our own selling in Hong Kong & Asian Market.


Newly Launch full series of M-profile Press-fittings series for Europe Market. Provide both EN10312 & EN10305 Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Series.


Launch also Copper Press-fittings for Singapore & Hong Kong Market.



Amco New Material Company in Wuzhou made a Joint Venture with GXM group and expanding the production capacity to 5 million pcs of Press-fittings per year.

We consolidate all the facilities into one manufacturing plant. Provide copper, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Press-fittings. New Group is GXM (Amcopress) GROUP.