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M-profile of pressfittings, is named for Mapress, one of the world's leading pressfittings manufacturer, who started the business with this profile since1967.


Carbon Steel - Pressfittings

- Galvanised to provide sufficient protection against corrosion, complied with EN10305.

- Suitable for closed hot water heating systems, chilled and cooling water systems and compressed air.

- Suitable for fire extinguishing systems, sprinkler system.


V-profile of pressfittings, is named for Viega, another one leading pressfittings manufacturer, who presented this press profile to the world in 1995.


Stainless Steel - Pressfittings

- Manufactured from high grade stainless steel 304/316, complied with EN10312, that avoids metal contamination and has good resistant to corrosion caused by water.

- Its smooth surface largely prevents the propagation of bacteria and provides good hygienic.

- Suitable for drinking water.