AMCO Engineering (HK) Company was set up in 1992 and the main business is Importing European Machineries and Manufacturing Plants for Plastic, Construction materials & Metal Field.



Start to Make Technical Cooperation & development for Composite piping, PVC drainage pipes & other new Fittings system……start to supply full know-how of Production for Local and Export customers. Products include Aluminum Composite pipes, Stainless Steel – PE composite pipes, PVC pipes, PE- Stainless Steel Composite Drainage pipes……


Start-up of Amco New Material Co. Ltd. this year. We start to develop our own Press-fittings production technology. It is completely new developed and can provide high precision Press-fittings for both V- & M Profile for EN, US & JIS system.


Set up Amcopress Company Ltd. in Hong Kong to Start the Production for PRESS FITTINGS series.

The main products for was JIS series Press-fittings with 304 Stainless Steel. In the meantime, we start also the production for the high quality of Stainless steel pipes for forming applications.



Set up a new production Plant for producing CARBON STEEL (EN-10305) series Press-fittings for Europe OEM market. The first profile launched is the so-called TAPER V-profile. It is the improved version of V-profile which has been already developed for years in Germany.


Further, develop the V-profile 316L Stainless Steel Press-fittings for Europe OEM customers plus our own selling in Hong Kong & Asian Market.


Newly Launch full series of M-profile Press-fittings series for Europe Market. Provide both EN10312 & EN10305 Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Series.


Launch also Copper Press-fittings for Singapore & Hong Kong Market.



Amco New Material Company made a Joint Venture and expanding the production capacity to 5 million pcs of Press-fittings per year.

We consolidate all the facilities in one manufacturing plant. Provide copper, Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Press-fittings. New Group is Amcopress GROUP.