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Ultra40 series

AMCO offers a wide range of pipe fittings for water, compressed air, fire sprinkler, and more in carbon and stainless steel. The flameless and clean system allows for quick pressing without manual tightening, draining, or shutdown. 

The latest Ultra40 system includes press connect technology for easy identification of unpressed connections.

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Our Mission

As a leading provider of pipe fitting supply services and a global supply chain operator, we prioritize remaining at the forefront of innovation to better serve our clients. At AMCO Engineering, our dedication to continuous improvement means our team undergoes regular training in cutting-edge equipment and safety protocols, guaranteeing efficient and secure service delivery to our valued customers.

172K Sq.Ft Facility

8 OEM/ODM Brand


Our Services

Our staff of over 100 – including licensed and experienced Marine engineering, Electricians, Tool and Die Makers, Certified Welders, PMI Specialists – are available to assist you whenever and wherever the need arises.

Press Fitting

AMCO have a full service forming shop to compliment our fitting services.



Offering a comprehensive selection of pipe supplies, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and copper varieties, all within AMCO product range.


Welded Fitting

At AMCO, our expertise lies in delivering superior welding and fabrication solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our specialized industrial welding services are engineered to ensure durable and dependable welds across a variety of metals, including copper, providing you with unmatched quality and reliability.



AMCO provides comprehensive product development services encompassing plumbing and drainage fittings across various materials. Beyond pipe fittings, we boast extensive expertise in press jaw development and maintain close collaborations with press tool and sealing component suppliers, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional quality throughout our offerings.